28 Unique & Antique Cookie Jar & Pots That Your Kid Will Love It

The best collection of cookie Pots are only here on the LUX VILLA DESIGN website. Cookie jars are our saviours for taking care of our delicious cookies, candy bars, sweet bars, biscuits, almonds, peanuts, resins, etc safe and airtight. The cookie jars can be placed on the kitchen shelf and also on the dining tables, bedroom tables, in your kid’s room, anywhere you want. Cookie jars are small but important things for organizing our kitchen room. You don’t have to keep your cookies and dry food items in polythenes and spread them all over the table. Cookie jars can surely be your solution to those problems.

Cookie jars can be selected according to the material of the Pots. Some of them are wood made, ceramic made, clay made, tin made, glass made, etc. Cookie jars can be used in your child’s room to keep their school cookies safe and lively. Many cartoon and festival-themed cookie jars are in the market which we have also listed here. You can gift someone a vintage cookie jar set of different designs that will surely win their hearts.

That’s why our website LUX VILLA DESIGN will show you the most popular and versatile cookie jars trending on internet dot com. The jars can be used for multiple jobs in the house according to the preference or need. Go through the article and check out the decorative pieces of cookie Pots and search for a trendy design to decorate your kitchen shelves. Organize and decorate your home with love and care with being guided by us that’s what we really want.

Best Antique Cookie Jars And Pots

1 ) D’Lifeful Bamboo Lid Cookie Pots:~

The D’Lifeful vintage cookie jar is a decorative cookies Pots for your kitchen shelf. The vintage cookie jar is composed of non-rust, solid metal so it won’t break out easily. The beautiful and useful cookie jar has an airtight bamboo lid which keeps the cookies healthy and fresh. The cookie jar is suitable for storing cookies, candies, biscuits, wafers, pickles, dry fruits etc.

2) Bormioli Rocco Glass Cookie Pot:~

The Bormioli Rocco cookie jar will be a space saver because it helps you to organize dry snacks and food beverages. The cookie jar is constructed of concrete, sturdy and glossy glass which is easy to clean. Make your kitchen shelves look organized because the cookie jar can be used in purposes like storing raw food materials and spices.

3) Certified International Torino Vintage Cookie Pots:~

With the Certified Torino ceramic cookie Pots bring the Italian countryside into your home. Designed by Karidesign, decorated in vintage colours of blue and gold, the lovely antiqued mix and match floral designs on unique ruffled shapes are a beautiful addition to any home.

4) OUTSHINE Tin Cookie Pots:~

Outshine tin cookie jar adds a classic feel and a striking stainless-steel rim, the vintage cookie Pots adds instant character to any kitchen. Keep your baked treats fresher for that much longer. This cute cookie container has an airtight gasket that can also be removed for easy on/off.lovely kitchen gift that won’t soon be forgotten. Get an Outshine vintage treat jar as a housewarming, Christmas, holiday, wedding etc.

5) KVV Vintage Food/Cookie Storage Jar:~

The KVV vintage cookie jar will be a multifunctional asset for your kitchen room to make it organized. The vintage cookie jar is composed of ceramics and painted with colourful hues. The colours will brighten up the view and give the cookie jar a decorative look. The vintage cookie jar is sufficient for storing other kitchen foods like rice, flour, spices other than cookies and candies.

6) Home Basics Glass Cookie Pots:~

Home Basics large capacity glass storage cookie jar features thick sidewalls for added durability and stability. The wide-mouth opening for ease of access and scooping. The lid is snug-fitting to ensure food stays fresh longer. Clear glass allows contents of the jar to be easily seen without removing the lid. The perfect place to store cereals, pasta, flour, sugar, or any of your favourite items.

7) Meditation Buddha Happiness Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Meditation Happiness Inside cookie Pot has a Buddha design crafted on it!! Perfect for decorating your kitchen shelves. The cookie jar is composed of ceramic and comes with an airtight lid. The air sealed lid keeps the baked cookies, candies, wafers fresh. The beautifully crafted pot can be an excellent gift for the near and dear family and friends.

8) AMERICAN BISQUE Vintage Cookie Jar:~

The American Bisque cookie jars are eye-striking pieces of kitchen assets and kitchen decors. The beautiful ceramic cookie jar is light brown and yellow with sweet little red flowers and green leaves on it purely smashing the look with a mixture of vintage touch on it!!! Grab one for your friends, family and one for yourself also!!

9) The KOVOT snowman designed style ceramic cookie jar

stores the cookies or treats in the body of the snowman and uses the head as the lid. The cookie Pot is perfect for holding a small batch of your cookies baked just for the holidays. The ceramic cookie jar makes a great hostess or family gift during the festive season.

10) Figural Noah’s Ark Vintage Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Figural Noah’s Ark ceramic cookie jar is designed by the famous artist Susan Winget. The cookie jar represents a pot house with ducks, elephants, giraffes and flower plants on it. The cookie jar will be your kid’s favourite one, and that can decorate your kitchen rack well. Suitable for storing cookies, candy, biscuits etc.

11) Silver Buffalo Friends-Themed Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Silver Buffalo Central Perk themed cookie Pot will be a perfect cookie jar for you or your friends who are addicted to F. R. I. E. N. D. S. The cookie jar is composed of ceramic and has a white coloured base at the bottom with a green handle. The ceramic cookie jar comes with an airtight lid for keeping the cookies, candies safe and fresh.

12) Certified International 3D Rooster Cookie Jar:~

A Susan Winget designed “Gilded Rooster” ceramic dinnerware and serveware which has four colourful roosters, mix and match with dark and neutral bg colours and highlighted with incredible golden detailing of the rooster and the antique farm ledgers. The fancy ceramic cookie jar and the shaker will be a beautiful decor item for the kitchen room.

13) Magenta Limited Edition Cookie Jar:~

The Magenta limited edition cookie Pot by Rae Dun creations are unique in style and functional yet decorative for any countertop. The front features everyone’s favourite chocolate chip cookie. Your favourite Chocolate chip, ginger snap, shortbread, peanut butter, oatmeal raisin, snickerdoodle, macaroon, Russian tea, biscotti, madeleine can be stored here safely. This is the 2018 re-release version.

14) Gibson Elite Casa Azul Stoneware Cookie Jar:~

The Gibson Elite Casa designed cookie Pot is an artistic piece of kitchen decor. The cookie jar is composed of stoneware, and traditional vibes can be felt when you see the design of the cookie jar. The cookie jar comes with a beautiful lid and suitable for placing on a tabletop, kitchen shelf, room shelf, corner table, tea table etc.

15) Enesco Aladdin Sultan’s Palace Cookie Jar:~

The Enesco Aladdin Sultan’s Palace ceramic cookie jar is produced in high-quality stoneware and painted with vibrant, glossy colours. The cookie jar is going to be your prince’s / princess’s favourite and will add charm to your kitchen. Suitable for keeping cookies, candies, biscuits and any dry food.

16) Appletree Design Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Appletree design ice cream designed cookie jar will add sweetness to your kitchen shelf. The beautifully designed cookie jar is composed of the ceramic and layered structure, which is coloured in red, white and sprinkles on it with a cherry topping!! Yummy ice cream cookie Pot for keeping your cookies, candy bars, chocolates, biscuits safe.

17) KVV Ceramics Halloween Tomato Cookie Jar:~

The KVV manufactured tomato-shaped ceramic cookie jar will brighten up your kitchen with beautiful red gloss. The jar or pot is a useful asset. Multiple jobs can be done using this pot. Starting from cooking and keeping cookies and other essential food beverages easily into it is surely gonna help you.

18) SOCOSY Royal Crystal Cookie Box:~

The SOCOSY crystal cookie Pot will lighten up your eyes and the decoration of your kitchen room. The pot is composed of eco-friendly, non-toxic glass. The colourful glass lustre is unique and beautiful! The comfortable and recommended way for keeping nuts, candy, cookie, chocolate, trinkets, coffee beans etc.

19) UPKOCH Christmas Round Cookie Jar:~

The UPKOCH Christmas cookie jar product is a set of 4 pieces of Christmas cookies, candy boxes, which is made of premium tinplate and designed with the round shape. They are gorgeous favour boxes and great to store candies or small gifts for weddings. Especially suitable for romantic wedding presents.

20) Mud Pie Ceramic Vintage Cookie Jars:~

The beautiful and crafted Mud Pie vintage cookie corner with a footed ceramic container from Mud Pie features detailed “COOKIES”. There are an embossing and vintage-style glass door knob handle on the lid. The gorgeous cookie jar will be helping you in the kitchen as well as the kids to keep their food airtight.

21) Mud Pie Vintage Farmhouse Cookie Storage:~

The Mud Pie ceramic cookie Pot is a mottled ceramic cookie jar which features the debossed “cookies” sentiment. The studded bronze accent plate, copper wire detail and removable ceramic lid with faux leather loop handle and silicone seal make it beautifully processed, and comfortable in use. The vintage look will make your kitchen antique and unique.

22) Young’s Ceramic Trendy Cookie Jar:~

Young’s ceramic cookie jars have something for every room and every style of decor to help you enhance any room, whether indoors or outdoor. The cookie Pot is composed of ceramic, and the design is trendy. The cookie jar is suitable for keeping cookies, chocolates, chips, wafer, pasta, dry fruits, peanuts, almonds etc.

23) Vintage Mason Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Kyle’s Point ceramic jar will make room for more cookies, biscotti, and brownies! Perfect if you’ve got a big family with sweet tooths. The cookie container is made from durable, food-safe ceramic. It stands up to daily life and will be a staple in your kitchen for many years to come. The vintage cookie jar makes a perfect wedding, anniversary, birthday or engagement gift. You can gift it to yourself also!!

24) Spoontiques Colorful Russo Dog Cookie Jar:~

The Spoontiques dean Russo dog cookie Pots are a great way to add some more colours to your kitchen!!! They are great for everyday use or as a collectable item. Each cookie jar comes in an attractive colour gift box. The antique cookie jar will be an excellent gift for family, friends, neighbours and acquaintances. They have been providing quality giftware, home decor and trendy accessories.

25) Ironman Head Molded Cookie Jar:~

Bring your child’s favourite Avenger into your kitchen and for their room!! The Ironman’s head moulded cookie jar will be a beautiful decorative piece also. The cookie jar will make room for your cookies, candies, chocolate biscuits, nuts, raisins etc. An excellent gift for friends, family, children on the occasions of birthday, anniversary, housewarming party, family get together etc.

26) Pavilion Gift Company Cherry Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The vast collection of You and Me offers fun and affordable gifts featuring unique retro prints that Jessie Steele is famous for. In this season, they have provided retro style cookie jars that pair nicely with the tea-for-ones, Mommy and Me mug sets and giftable mugs of You and Me products. Each piece is beautifully packaged, making them the perfect gift forgiving.

27) Lenox Butterfly Gazebo Cookie Jar:~

Lenox Butterfly Meadows vintage cookie Pot will blow your mind with the design and texture it has. The vintage cookie jar is constructed with porcelain material and hand-painted in white, green and other colours. The cookie jar is pretty enough as a gift to your special one. The cookie jar will keep your cookies, biscuits, chocolates, spices, candies fresh for a long time.

28) Vandor Dr Grinch Ceramic Cookie Jar:~

The Vandor green ceramic cookie jar will be a themed and fun cookie jar for you and your children. The Dr Grinch themed cookie jar is composed of ceramic which is reliable. Your kids will surely wanna buy a Grinch cookie jar for making their cookies safe. Suitable for making cookies, candies, spices, flour, sugar

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What is the usefulness of cookie jars?

One of the favourite things for organizing our home is candy/cookie jars. There are so many different types of beautiful and crafted candy jars out there with different shapes and styles, but they universally work so well because they are clear and you can spot what’s in them instantly. It helps that they look pretty out in the open and they are inexpensive.

What are the creative ways to use a cookie jar?

Cookie jars can be used for storing paints, stir sticks, paintbrushes, glue sticks, thread, glue, clothespins, rubber bands, pom balls and rubber bands; all the things our children use for daily craft. In the laundry room, we can use those empty jars for storing powdered laundry soap, fabric softener sheets and all of the little stain remover sticks.

How cookie jars can be used for storing girl stuff?

The cookie jars help for organizing some important girly stuff like lip gloss, jewellery, sunglasses and nail polish. If you are a tween girl, I’m sure you know how these little things multiply and pile up. These small cookie jars have been a lifesaver for helping keep my girl stuff organized. The pots are beautiful enough to keep out in the open, and it’s easy to slip the little stuff right back where it belongs.

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