Top 27 Steampunk Decor For Your Home Or Farmhouse To Look Cooler

LUX VILLA DESIGN contains a huge and versatile collection of home decorating products, including Steampunk decors of the best mechanism from all over the world. The group provides the finest steampunk wall decors and steampunk resin decors for home decoration. Technology and sci-fi lovers prefer steampunk home decors over anything for decorating homes, offices, and walls. The steampunk decor items enhance your house’s rustic and antique look through the gears, pipes, screws, and mechanism.

Steampunk decors are suitable for furniture tops, shelf tops, tables, desks, and any room walls. Steampunk sculptures are composed of different materials like copper, tin, bronze, wood, metal flats, leathers, bulbs, etc. The figurines and wall hangings we have showcased here are selected from world-famous manufacturers and steampunk artists. We wonder how the immensely talented bunch of artists design and construct with that much versatility. Readers and buyers are surely going to love the gothic pieces of steampunk decor ideas for home.

Our website, LUX VILLA DESIGN, has listed the 19th century and Victorian aged look-alike collections and assured the quality of steampunk home decor items. Readers are requested to check through every steampunk item because they are categorized in material and mechanism wise. Go through every decor item and choose according to the creativity and budget of the product. We have discussed the critical issues for guiding the readers about steampunk who are unaware of it.

Amazing Steampunk Decor For Home

1 ) Ebros Gearwork Human Skull Steampunk Decor:~

The Ebros Gift Store Steampunk gearwork skull statue will create gothic vibes in your living area!! The gearwork skull steampunk decor is made of premium cold cast poly-resin hand painted and polished. The gears attached to the skull are painted, and they aren’t of any work. The detailing of the sculpture is very impressive!!

2) Plague Doctor Bust Trinket Steampunk Home Decor:~

Grab the Plague Doctor trinket box steampunk decor for decorating the living room, bedroom, desk, table, shelf, etc. The Trinket box is constructed of a cold cast bronze process, where the bronze powder is mixed up with the translucent cast for making a solid and sturdy metal. The steampunk box is heavy and sturdy because cold cast bronze is used. The steampunk home decor idea will surely enhance the Gothic vibes of the room.

3) MyGift Brown Metal Gear Steampunk Decor:~

The MyGift metal wall-mounted set of hooks is the one-of-a-kind steampunk design coat rack made with cast iron. The three ball-point hooks are hung low from cog and gear ornaments above, giving this decorative piece, which makes steampunk home decor more Impress. Make your entryway or bedroom a memorable one!!

4) WU Steampunk Owl Home Decor:~

Prepare your house to be filled with historic sci-fi vibes with this steampunk jetpack owl figurine. A mix of bronze powder and resin is used for creating the statue, which is known as cold casting. The completed sculpture is very durable, and the detailing is incredible. The fine details are hand-painted in copper and bronze essence, which bring it to life.

5) MonkeyJack Vintage Gear Steampunk Wall Decor:~

The Monkey Jack vintage gear wheel is composed of wood and has a well-worn metal finish. The decor item is well crafted and attractive. The gears not only look like actual metal gears but also lightweight for portable moving and hanging. Suitable for home, cafe, shop, pub, wall decoration.

6) Veronese Design Sci-fi Steampunk Decor Submarine:~

The Veronese design cool cast resin steampunk style submarine statue will create different steampunk decorating ideas in your home. The submarine looks straight out of a Jules Verne novel. The steampunk decor is hand-painted to bring out the intricate detail in this piece. Steampunk die-hard fans will surely grab one!!!

7) ) PTC Steampunk Raven Crow Steampunk Home Decor:~

The gothic looking PTC steampunk raven is an excellent addition to the decor collection. Featuring a beautiful brass finish on a sturdy and durable poly-resin body, the piece has been hand-painted and detailed. The smooth finished base will help the crow to place on a desk, and the Raven crow can be placed on the desktop, tabletop, corner tables, etc.

8) Pipe Décor Industrial Steampunk Pillar Candle Holder:~

The Pipe Decor steampunk candle holders have space for three candles; this chic black holder creates an instant appeal wherever it is placed. The holder can easily be used for a rustic-themed affair or to add style to a room.
The eye-catching piece is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. The quality materials combine with chic industrial style in this unique candle holder.

9) INJUICY Steampunk Vintage Lamp:~

The INJUICY steampunk electric desk lamp comprises high-quality materials and can surely do some stable performance with long service life. The steampunk vintage lamp can be used in the bedroom, kitchen room, living room, office, table desk, shelf top, furniture top, etc.

10) Wall Art Metallurgical Steampunk Wall Decor:~

The Wall Art metallurgical picture photo printed on high-quality canvas. The canvas is ready to hang on the wall; each panel has a black hook mounted on the back. Transparent poly bags are used to seal each meeting of the canvas for safety. The steampunk wall decorations are great for hanging in the bedroom, living room, office, lab, art room, etc.

11) Pacific Trading Octopus Steampunk Home Decor:~

The Pacific Trading steampunk home decor octopus figurine is an out of gothic box collection. The steampunk octopus figurine is made from resin. The whole figurine is hand-painted and polished. The figure includes the original manufacturer’s box and packaging. Suitable for desktop, tabletop, TV cabinet, corner shelves, etc.

12) Topower American Antique Steampunk Barstool:~

The Topwear American Antique Red Bronze Barstool is certainly something to get fired up about. Fusing a unique vintage steampunk style with modern practicalities, it has plenty of originality. The stools are made of heavy-duty concrete pipe and a reliable cast iron connector. Perfect to use as a stool, dining breakfast/kitchen chair, or extra seating for guests.

13) Ebros Denizen Steampunk Home Decor Wolf:~

This Steampunk Wolf is made of designer composite resin, hand painted and polished by the famous manufacturer Ebros Denizen.
The sculpture means a cyborg wolf is howling at the moon. The wolf is robotic, and steampunk gear and gas chamber technologies are used to create the sculpture. This wolf is a ferocious hunter who is unparalleled in speed, agility, and killer instinct.

14) Veronese Tortoise Trinket Box Steampunk Decor:~

The Veronese Tortoise box with a steampunk theme is created using the cold casting process, which is the term to describe the mixing of bronze powder and translucent cast. The fine casting makes the sculpture solid and heavy. The statue is artistically sculpted, very detailed, and of high quality.

15) PTC Steampunk Winged Dragon Statue:~

Are dragons your favourite imaginary and aesthetic animal that connects to your soul?? The gorgeous PTC steampunk resin-made winged dragon statue figurine has incredible details, and the quality is more than perfect!! The steampunk setting winged dragon resin statue figurine is genuinely remarkable.

16) PTC Steampunk Mechanical Jewelry Box:~

Are you a girl and a steampunk lover at the same time?? Well, well, well, the PTC mechanical jewellery trinket box will surely make you crazy. The charming and stunning steampunk jewellery box has the finest quality and detail. The steampunk mechanical inspired jewellery/trinket box figurine is truly gothic and sci-fi thematic.

17) HGOD DESIGNS Steampunk Inspired Pillow Cover:~

The HGOD Designs steampunk pillowcase is made of durable, high-quality cotton linen Burlap material. There is no peculiar smell; the pillow cover is comfortable, breathable, durable, and stylish. The Steampunk pattern is printed on both sides of the pillow, and the pillow cover is suitable for use in home decoration, living room, couch, sofa, chair, etc.

18) Pacific Trading Heart Steampunk Wall Clock:~

Do you like everything with mechanical and gear arts?? Then the Pacific Trading heart carved steampunk Wall clock will be your favorite choice of steampunk wall decors. The clock is made of Polyresin and is hand-painted and polished. AA batteries operate the wall clock.

19) PTC Steampunk Mechanical Spider Home Decor:~

The PTC gorgeous mechanical spider has the finest quality, and the detailing is incredible. The steampunk-inspired mechanical spider resin statue figurine is genuinely artistic. The figure is hand-painted and hands polished. The creativity of the artist should be praised, and the gear work will surely mesmerize your mind.

20) INJUICY Steampunk Water Pipe Desk Lamp:~

The INJUICY steampunk vintage table lamp base can be used in the study room, bedroom, living room, dining room, sitting room, bar, hallway, cafe, shop, balcony, etc. The lamp is composed of water pipe material and the best gift for friends, family, kids, older who love steampunk themes.

21) Pacific Giftware Gearwork Mechanical Dragon:~

The Pacific Giftware mechanical hand-cast using real crushed stone bonded with high-quality designer resin. Each piece is individually hand-painted by famous artisans—an impressive tabletop decorative accent for any home office or workplace. The clock operates using a regular AA battery.

22) Veronese Design Steampunk Air Balloon:~

The Veronese relaxed cast resin steampunk style hot air balloon statue looks straight out of a steampunk sci-fi movie or novel. The hot air balloon is hand-painted to bring out the intricate detail in this piece. The steampunk decor will make an excellent gift for any die heart Steampunk fan!!

23) Ugears Steampunk Mechanical Clock Model:~

The Ugears steampunk mechanical clock is a unique style of combining art, science, and excellent mechanics. The steampunk model is a miniature imitation of a watch with a delicately carved body and the clock’s hands because an ingenious mechanism is applied on the gears.

24) OLD TOWN CLOCKS Steampunk Wall Clock:~

The Old Town Clock has manufactured a high quality silent, completely noiseless quartz gear clock, handmade wooden wall art. An excellent steampunk décor idea for anyone who appreciates a rustic look and feel. The oversized and rustic gears are made of hand-painted wood. The hand-painted finish is done in aged metallic tones.

25) Design Toscano Regulator Steampunk Decor:~

The Design Toscano regulator steampunk decor is inspired by the 19th-century design of machinery process and pattern. The regulator made steampunk decor is attached with a pendulum, which works for the weight-driven energy. There are an antique brass top and an open heart carved in the centre. The regulator is an antique grandfather clock. The regulator made steampunk decor is a classical piece of home decor.

26) Veronese Design Steampunk Honeybee Wall Clock:~

The Veronese design steampunk honey bee designed wall clock is made with incredibly cool cast resin and looks like coming out straight from a Jules Verne novel’s pages. The wall clock is hand-painted with metallic bronze essence for perfect detailing. This wall clock will be a wonderful gift for a steampunk fan.

27) Design Toscano Steampunk Skull Wall Clock:~

The smartly collectable steampunk decor wall clock is found exclusively at Design Toscano. The mad hatter skull timepiece who’ll help you use best what you want most! The mad hatter goth is sculpted with gears and chains and a full set of metal teeth before it is painted in metallic colour.

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What is the definition of steampunk?

Steampunk is the retro version of “cyberpunk. Defined by science fiction author K.W. Jeter, steampunk novels combine high-tech sci-fi fantasy with Victorian-era surroundings. Steampunk mad minds like to use the steampunk theme with modern electronics, making them look like they were built in the 19th century with gears and other mechanisms combining with gothic characters. 

What is the major steampunk decor for a home?

The most loved and preferred categories of steampunk home decors are ~
Lighted table lamps, Leather couch covers, Gear decor item, Gothic characters with machines, Gears and mechanical wall clocks, Old gothic and historic sci-fi books

What are the primary materials of steampunk decor items?

Steampunk is a subgenre of science fiction and fantasy featuring advanced machines and other technology based on the 19th-century steam power. The significant materials for steampunk decoration are metals like brass, copper, cast iron, wood, glass, pure original leather, gears, antique and rustic bulbs, gear and pipes, cogs, screws, nails, metal files, sanders, etc. 

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