27 Amazing Indoor Plant Stands For Home Decor

LUX VILLA DESIGN presents the most versatile, trendy, and designer indoor plant stands for decorations of the home. Who doesn’t want a little amount of soothing greenery in their house especially on the balconies and terraces? Every person on Earth should respect green and should take a pledge to plant trees whenever they get a chance, whether it’s a large one or small bonsai trees, flower plants, decorative plants, etc, and whether it’s indoor or outdoor. Trees play a very important role in Nature and the needs are of magnificent numbers.

Today, when environmental issues hit so hard, we should plant green trees because trees can really decorate the house very well. From green colored different plants to colorful flowers, putting the pots on the ground can create a bunch of problems as they can leak water and mess up the floor with mud. Therefore indoor plant stands are the optimum solution to this problem. They can uphold the clay pots, the different designs and patterns will make the living place decorative and beautiful. The indoor plant stands have different materials like wood, metal, plastic, etc., and have versatile designs and patterns.

Searching and choosing from different kinds of websites are confusing, but don’t you worry!!! Our website LUX VILLA DESIGN will be your favorite guide on this tour. We have showcased the most versatile designer plant stands according to the space, size, and number of the plant pots. Now, you don’t have to rush from one website to another because the selected plant stands here are of affordable prices also. Choose your favorite plant stands today and create greenery in the corner, room, balcony, terrace, and the entrance of your house!!!

Indoor Plant Stands For Multiple Plants

  • Foldify Wooden Indoor Plant Stand:~

Enhance the green view of the house and rooms for a nature-friendly decoration. The Foldify wooden plant stand is suitable for placing multiple green plants. The stand is composed of 7-year-old pine wood and the pattern is trendy cum stylish. The rosin is a better pressure reliever for the striped designs. Make your balcony, terrace, rooms, entrances decorated with green.

  • Bamboo Mid Century Plant Stands Indoor:~

The eco-friendly bamboo plant made indoor plant stands will be something simple and classy for holding medium, large very large plants. For the smaller plant pots just upside down the bamboo stand. The stand has a nice yellow texture which is suitable for rooms, offices, balconies, terraces, etc. The corner plant stand will look gorgeous in the s. The plant stand is manufactured by Wisuce Store.

  • Unho Multiple Tier Plant Stands Indoor:~

The gorgeous metal plant stands by Unho will enhance the charm of rooms, balconies, halls, terraces, offices, gardens, etc. The plant stand is composed of a non-rust, black metal frame with a beautiful curved design. The indoor shelf stand has 7 tiers and hollow patterns are pressure relievers. The curved patterns make the stand more stable and the legs are designed with smooth curves for the safety of the floors.

  • OGORI Indoor Bamboo Plant Stand:~

The eye-striking Ogori bamboo plant stands will make your room and house look more beautiful. The three-tier bamboo stand has a mid-century design and brown polishing for a furniture-like look. The stand will uphold three different pots of three different sizes. The wooden shelf is suitable for balconies, rooms, terraces, offices, hallways, etc.

  • MODRN KASSA Metal Plant Stands Indoor :~

The Modern Kassa metal plant stands will decorate the room corners, windows, terraces, balconies with a trendy and modern look. The plant stands are composed of durable, long-lasting, non-rust, black metal frame for a mid-century look. The legs of the plant stand come with leg covers for a non-scratching experience with the floors. The two plant stands are different according to the size of the plant pots, one is for medium size and another is for large size.

  • Planteko Mid Century Indoor Plant Stand:~

Make the corners of your house and rooms green with real nature. The Planteko metal plant stands will decorate the corners, balconies, terraces, hallways of the house with a modern and stylish look. The plant stand is made of non-rust and sturdy black metal for more stability. The plant stands have a wobble-free round texture for the safety of floors. One can place small and medium-sized plants on the plant stands.

  • Small Plant Stand Wood Plant and Flower Stand:~

The JPACO Store wooden plant stands are eco friendly and sturdy in nature for long-lasting durability. The plant stand is composed of solid and durable old pine wood for years of stability. The plant shelf can uphold up to four plants, one for large plants and the three others for small plants. The small plant reck will definitely enhance the charm of the balcony, terrace, office, hallway, lobby, rooms, etc.

  • TMGY Metal Tall Plant Stand Indoor:~

The TMGY metal plant stands will surely glaze up your living space, balcony, garden, patio, entrance, etc. with a beautiful and natural green view. The plant stand is tall and made of non-rust, durable black metal with a curved design for more stability. The plant stand can hold two plant pots of medium and large size. The patterns contain flowers and curved hollow lines for relieving pressure.

  • Taleco Gear Multifunctional Indoor Plant Stands:~

Nature lovers like more n more green plants for the satisfaction of the soul. The Taleco Gear metal plant stand will surely gather up your favorite plants. The plant stand/rack is composed of a water-resistant, non-rust, durable black metal frame with a very short four legs. The legs are wobble-free in nature. The plant stand can be suitable for the balcony, terrace, garden, hallway, lobby, etc.

  • LVKE Plant Stand for Indoor Plants:~

The LVKE metal plant stands are specially made for snake plants and flowers. The metal plant stand is composed of a non-rust and durable metal frame and a black powder coating is used for a matte finish. The four metal stand pots are white in color and suitable for small plants and flowers. The plant stand can decorate your house, rooms, corners, living room, gate entrance, etc.

  • DOEWORKS Ladder Shaped Plant Stand:~

The Doeworks two-tier metal, trendy and modern designed plant stand or shelf will surely gonna gather the plants together. The two-tier ladder-shaped plant stand is composed of sturdy and durable non-rust metal and colored in matte green powder coating. The plant stand is suitable for the garden, balcony, window side, terrace, room, etc.

  • Bamboo Made Plant Stands Indoor:~

The LONTAI bamboo made Indoor Plant Stands will make the green view more enjoyable. The bamboo made plant stand is completely eco friendly and three tiers are there for placing the plants. The corner plant stand has three white small pots. The bamboo is durable and solid in nature and can be placed in any corner of any room including the balcony and terrace.

  • COOGOU Wood Indoor Plant Stands:~

Enhance the greenery in front of your eyes and add more charm to your rooms for a nature-friendly decoration. The COOGOU wooden plant stand is suitable for placing 8 green plants because eight spaces are there. The stand is composed of aged pine wood and the pattern is simple but trendy. The rosin can be a pressure reliever because of the striped designs. Decorate rooms, balconies, terraces, office lobbies with the gorgeous wooden plant stand.

  • Metal Indoor Plant Stands Rustproof:~

The Ersynke beautiful three pieces of metal plant stands are suitable for placing large and heavy plant pots. The three short Indoor Plant Stands are composed of rustproof metal frames and coated with a weather-resistant black coating of paint. The three plant stands can be placed at the balcony, terrace, garden, corners in the room, office areas, parking areas, etc.

  • GEEBOBO Multi-Tiered Indoor Plant Stands:~

More greenery for healing and soothing for your soul. The wooden multi-tiered Indoor plant stand is composed of thick and sleek wood which is durable and long-lasting in nature. The Indoor plant stand has 5 tiers and can accommodate a maximum of 12 pots upon it. The plant stand is rustic brown in color and can be placed on a balcony, terrace, garden, entrance, hallway, living room, etc.

  • Topyi Metal Indoor Plant Stand:~

The Topyi metal made indoor plant stands is eye-catching and amazing with the design. The Indoor Plant Stands is styled with 6 tiers, three large pots are attached with the stand and small three places are suitable for small plant pots. The whole stand is matte black in color with smooth finishing. The plant stand will be a trendy one to get for the love of green.

  • JPACO Indoor Small Plant Stand:~

The JPACO small wooden Indoor Plant Stands will be a cute asset to decorate the room and balcony for a green view. The solid, thick wood made plant stand has two tiers and can accommodate four plants. The structure is trendy and modern. The color is light wood and smoothly polished texture. The small plant stand can be placed in the room, balcony, terrace, garden, entrance, etc.

  • Pure Garden Indoor Plant Stands:~

The Pure Garden indoor plant stands will lighten up your mind because of the structure and curved design. The beautiful plant stand has three tiers and can accommodate three plant pots. The hollow and curved black matte finish color creates a mid-century look. The plant stand can be placed in corners of rooms, balconies, terraces, gardens, etc.

  • Generic Brands Tecbeauty Metal Tall Plant Stand:~

The heart-shaped beautiful metal plants are created with non-rust, durable metal, and painted in white color. The curved design is out of box classic design. The plant stand has six tiers and six plants can be accommodated. The curved legs make the stand wobble-free. The plant stand is suitable for rooms, gardens, patios, balconies, terraces, parking areas, etc.

  • DOEWORKS Metal Plant Stand:~

The beautiful plant stand from DOEWORKS will definitely help you manage and decorate the collection of green plants. The metal stands is composed of a pure, rust-free, high-quality metal frame and painted in a black matte finish. The plant stand has two shelves and can accommodate a maximum of 6 plant pots. Decorate your room, garden, terrace, lobby, balcony with this amazing decorative plant shelf.

  • Cretee Metal Multiple Plant Stand:~

The multiple plant stand will decorate your precious plant pots and organize them. The Crete Indoor Plant Stands is composed of high quality, rust-free metal and polished in white color. The plant stand has five tiers and can accommodate five plant pots. The multiple plant stand can surely gear up you for gathering more green plants.

  • Foldify Indoor Bamboo Plant Stand:~

The beautiful wooden plant stands will surely enhance the glamour of your room and garden. The Foldify table stand is composed of five-year-old Alpine bamboo and the bright wood polishing creates a mid-century view. The bamboo plant stand has six tiers, five for small plant pots and the middle one for large plant pots. Suitable for decorating a room, garden, lobby, terrace, balcony, window side, patio, etc.

  • AUBURY Indoor Plant Stands:~

The Aubury metal plant stand is suitable for the indoor decoration of plant pots. The Indoor Plant Stands is composed of rust-free, sleek, smooth metal, polished in black color. The plant stand has four legs and the end of the legs is rounded for wobble-free friction. The indoor plant stand can be placed in corner of the room, balcony, window side, terrace, etc.

  • LVKE Metal Plant Stand/ Rack:~

The LVKE metallic plant stand is specially made for the creeper plants and flowers. The metal plant stands are made of high quality, non-rust, and durable metal rod, and a black powder coating is used for a matte look. The four metal stand pots are clay white in color and suitable for small plants and flowers. The plant stand can be placed in rooms, corners, living room, gate entrance, etc.

  • TIHOOD Bamboo Plant Stand:~

The TIHOOD small wooden Indoor Plant Stands creates a simple yet traditional look. The little plant stand is composed of pure, solid, and durable bamboo with a cross design that holds the plant pots really well. The bamboo plant stand can hold up to one small or medium plant pot. The corner plant stand is suitable for room, balcony, window side, terrace, patio, etc.

  • Sungmor Cast Iron Indoor Plant Stands:~

The vintage and classic looking Sungmor indoor tall plant stand will glam your living space. The plant stand is composed of heavy Cast iron and polished in rustic black color. The curved designs of the Indoor Plant Stands are classy and artistic in nature. The curved legs save the floor and the stand from friction. The plant stand is suitable in the balcony, living room, terrace, corner, window side, etc.

  • Beancho Tech Flower Pot / Plant Stand:~

The Beancho Tech plant stand will add a modern charm and will help us to organize a plant in a decorative way. The Indoor Plant Stands is composed of heavy-duty, thick, high-quality beech wood and the stand has square designs on every leg. The wooden color creates a matte vibe to the plant stand. The corner plant stand is suitable for a corner of the room, balcony, terrace, living room, etc.

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What are the best indoor plants for the bedroom?

Bedroom plants have to tolerate low light, less free air, less watering, and should grow very slowly. The most popular bedroom plants are Lavender, Jasmine, Daisy, Gardenia because of the amazing aroma they have for relieving stress and anxiety. 

How indoor plant stands can be chosen?

1)If the indoor plant is for bedroom and bathroom, they should be small in size, corner plant stands and small plant stands for a maximum of two pots will be the best choice. 
2) If the indoor plants are for balcony, garden, and terrace one should choose plant stands with multiple spaces for keeping more than five plants at one plant stand. 
 3) Mostly important, the plant stand should be chosen according to the material, design, and budget of the plant stand buyer. 

What are the conditions for having an indoor plant?

 Indoor plants can be really interesting and effective in humans. Some common conditions should care while buying an indoor plant :
1.Indoor plants for rooms should tolerate low light and less watering. 
2. Indoor plants should be small in size with fewer
growth hormones.
3. The indoor plant on the terrace and balcony should be chosen according to the space available there. 
4. Indoor plants on the balcony and terrace can deal with pests, so they need special care. 
5. Don’t trim indoor plants too frequently, the leaves will start falling and mess up the room.

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