Top 30 Amazing Bird Figurines For Home Decor

Our website LUX VILLA DESIGN has showcased the immensely artistic pieces of Bird Figurines for home decor with amazing detailing and versatile postures. The beautiful creation of Mother Nature is the birds. Birds inspire us to gain freedom and focus on the paths we take up. Let these beautiful creations keep up an eye-catching corner in your home. Not real but the realistic pieces of bird figurines for changing the ambiance of our home for the love of nature and wildlife. 

The most eye-striking and stunning bird figurines for home decor are listed up here in the categories of bird figurines for the wall, Bird Figurines For Home Decor, realistic bird figurines, glass bird figurines, resin bird figurines, and many many more items. Choose a Bird Figurines For Home Decor according to your mindset and space for keeping it. Doing interior designing for our own house is a dream come true for all. Let’s get on that job by selecting the most amazing handcrafted and customized bird figurines from here.

The Bird Figurines For Home Decor are selected with patience and hard work according to the companies, trends, and festive seasons. Nature lovers and interior collectors are also welcome here. The bird figurines for home decor are created with high-quality products with trendy and artistic designs by the most talented and hardworking interior designers of the World. The Bird Figurines For Home Decor are adorable and affordable at the same time. Decorate your walls and furniture tops with these magnificent creative pieces and fly high with happiness and freedom with our selections!!!

Bird Figurines For Home Decor

1) Glass Figurine Toucan Glass Bird Figurine :~

Do a peek-a-boo in the tropical forests and get this amazing piece of bird figurines for home decor of toucan bird and bring tropical wildlife vibes to your rooms. The artistic item is made of high-quality glass rods and hand-painted in black, yellow, and red color. The handcrafted toucan bird is manufactured by Glass Figurine company.

2) INORS Crowned Royal Bird Figurines :~

Add Christmas vibes to your party decorations!! The INORS royal grey songbirds will add a magical and dazzling ambiance to your room decorations. The set of 2 songbirds are made of resin and hand-painted in glittery grey color with a sparkling crown on the heads. The Royal look will definitely steal your heart!!!

3) Rich Boxer Realistic Peacock Bird Figurine:~

Are peacocks your favorite bird?? Add the beautiful realistic peacock bird figurines for home decor on your beautiful desks or furniture tops and get an elegant look for your room. The peacock bird is made of sturdy high-quality plastic and colored in green, blue, and yellow. The national bird of India can bring up your beautiful imagination alive!!!

4) DAR Glass Hummingbird Figurine :~

A hummingbird is the sweetest bird that exists on the earth, right?? The beautiful glass bird figurine for home decor will impress your mind until it makes it into your collections. The hummingbird is opaque with blue eyes with a golden beak. A stunning home decor piece to decorate the rooms or gifting someone on an occasion.

5) US Blue Bird Figurine On Branch :~

Blue color and birds are really soothing for our minds. The beautiful piece of US blue Bird Figurines For Home Decor with pink flowers will surely catch your eyes and mind. The bird is created with poly stone material and colored in blue and yellow color. Decorate your furniture tops or TV shelf with the stunning artistic bird figurine.

6) Glass Figurine Green Parrot Figurine :~

Have a love for parrot birds?? Occupy a blank corner or desk on your home and keep these amazing shiny and green parrot glass bird figurines for home decor to decorate your room. The parrot is made with high quality and durable glass rods and hand-painted in green and red. The green piece of home decor is suitable for your little one’s room or normal shelf top and desk.

7) VILIGHT Garden Statue Bird Figurine :~

The VILIGHT Bird Figurines For Home Decor set of 6 birds will melt your heart with the vibrant and vivid colors along with the cuteness they have. Keep them in a group for the most beautiful and decorative view. The birds are made up of polyresin material and different colors add charm to them. Most suitable for a garden view or large empty blank desk and shelf.

8) Enesco Jim Shore Mini Blue Bird Figurine:~

The blue bird is a sweetheart in looks and cuteness. The over poured cuteness of design and details will melt your heart for having one for you or your child. The cutest bird figurine is made of stone polyresin and the famous designer has added some American quilt design for a more charming look.

9) AzKrafts Handmade Painted Wooden Bird Figurine :~

The AzKrafts handmade wooden birds are full of Indian artistic patterns and vibrant colors with incredible detailing. Decorate the room with the 5 pieces of Indian design inspired birds and cherish the handcrafted item for years. A definite Bird Figurines For Home Decor item for inspiring the kids about painting and craftsmanship.

10) Glass Figurine Black Glass Crow Decor :~

The miniature piece of the cute black crow is the right decorative item for your adorable ones. The crow figurine is composed of a high-quality glass rod and hand-painted with black and orange color. The cute but funny vibes of the crow bird will surely lift up your mood by looking at it on the shelf top or on the desk.

11) Burton and Burton Red Resin Bird Figurines :~

The beautiful set of 2 resin bird figurines for home decor will glam up your room with dazzling design and colors. The love birds are composed of a durable and shiny resin material and hand-painted with oil colors. The shine on the birds reflects the capability of the artists and the birds are manufactured by Burton and Burton.

12) Toscano Dockside Seagull Bird Figurine :~

Seagulls are the favorite creatures around the coastal areas and the Toscano dockside seagull will be a silent coastal friend to enhance the glamour of the room or walls. The bird figurine for walls consists of crushed stone resin and hand-painted in grey, white, and black color for a realistic view.

13) TOYMANY Realistic Bird Figurines :~

Toymany has developed the 8 pieces realistic bird figurines for home decor especially for children. The set includes tropical forest bird figurines like a toucan, ostrich, white crane, owl, puffin, kookaburra, flamingo, pelican. All the birds are composed of non-toxic high-quality polyresin material and the bright colors make the vivid and more realistic to make the kids understand better.

14) Ganz Santa Hat Resin Bird Figurines :~

Christmas party decorations really cheer me up for all the fun at Christmas time. Ganz Santa hat cute 3 pieces birds is a delightful set for Christmas preparations as they wear the red Santa hats. The preciously cute Santa birds are composed of poly resin and hand-painted with white, brown, and yellow colors. The red hats add extra jiggle to the look.

15) Enesco Jim Shore Creek Blue Bird Figurines :~

Beginnings should be beautiful and the Enesco blue song birds design and crafted by the world-famous artist Jim Shore will inspire to be free and stress-free. The 2 pieces of song birds are made of resin and hand-painted in blue color with unique patterns and designs. Suitable for the desk and shelf tops, will bring happiness to your life and room ambiance.

16) LONGWIN Glass Bird Figurine Decor :~

Beautifully hand crafted glass bird figurines for home decor composed with molded high-quality glass and hand-painted with blue and golden colors will surely strike your eyes on the very first look. The eye-catching and delicate glass home decor will add sparkle to your room. Designed uniquely and prepared carefully bird figurines for home decor and gift purposes.

17) TOYMANY Real Sculpture Bird Figurines:~

Toymany company creates popular and realistic home decor items, especially of animals and birds. The 5 pieces set of realistic bird figurines get real wildlife vibes and the set is incredibly designed and detailed with high-quality material and bright hand-painted textured. The set includes an owl, 2 budgies, and 2 American Bald Eagles suitable for large empty spaces on the wall and desk. Made especially for children.

18) Warmtree Simulated Realistic Bird Figurines :~

Warmtree the famous company for composing realistic educational and home decor figurines has developed the 5 pieces set of tropical realistic bird figurines which include 2 macaws, 2 parrots, 1 blue-footed booby, and 1 kingfisher bird. The birds are composed of sturdy, durable plastic and hand-painted with different vibrant colors for a charming and realistic view of the birds.

19) FairDeco Ceramic Bird Figurine Home Decor :~

Decorate your room with the beautiful ceramic aqua blue love bird pair. The birds are made of high-quality ceramic material and painted with glossy aqua blue color. The glossy shine enhances the charm more and more. Keep the love birds in your home or garden and enjoy the warmth with your beloved.

20) FICITI Wooden Bird Figurines :~

Wooden bird figurines are always eco-friendly and artistic at the same time. The FICITI wooden bird figurines for home decor are composed of durable wooden barks and hand-painted with ivory chests and redbacks with brown tails. The pair of love birds are eye-catching beauty of wooden carved art and add the essence of nature to a corner of your room.

21) Native Wooden Creation Miniature Rooster and Hen Bird Figurines :~

Are you a morning person like the hen and roosters?? The Native Wooden Creation has developed the hand crafted wooden carved mini rooster and hen as home decor and gift items for children. The hen and roosters are patiently carved with birch wood and painted in vivid colors. The glass eyes of the birds are carefully attached while making and the composition formula is non-toxic and eco friendly.

22) TII Blue Bird Figurines Home Decor :~

The TII 3 pieces bird figurines for home decor will enhance the glam of the room and feels like spring season has arrived. The birds are purely made of resin and hand-painted in blue color with Indigo tails. The 3 birds are differently postured which increases the uniqueness of the set.

23) Hummingbird Miniature Bird Figurine :~

Native Creations miniature handmade hummingbird is amazingly crafted and composed of recycled wood and hand-painted in green, white, and red color. The eyes are carefully detailed and made of glass. Little members of your family will surely love this item of home decor. The bird figurines for home decor is suitable for the living room and kid’s room.

24)Native Wooden Creations European Goldfinch Miniature Wooden Bird Figurine :~

The USA based company creates beautiful wooden bird and animal figurines and this European goldfinch bird figurine will surely fill your heart with spring vibes. The goldfinch bird is composed of recycled wood and hand-painted in white, black, and golden color. Gift your adorable ones the amazing piece of wooden bird figurine.

25) Enesco Jim Shore Heartwood Chirper Bird Figurine :~

The Enesco chirper Bird figurine is solely composed of stone resin and hand-painted in gray color. The artist Jim Shore has crafted the bird with beautiful folk designs. The folk designs are adapted from Pennsylvania Dutch. The chirper bird will bring joy and happiness to your heart and your rooms. A soothing piece for decorating a home and for gifting someone on occasions.

26) Fantastic Ryan Golden Bird Figurines :~

The Fantastic Ryan gold bird figurines for home decor will dazzle your room cabinet or shelf top with the amazing golden shine. The 2 pieces of birds are composed of high-quality ceramic and golden coating. The two birds are different in size. Suitable for party decoration, home decoration, as a gift for lovers, friends, and relatives.

27) Darware Cardinal Resin Red Bird Figurine:~

The Darware Cardinal chubby red birds are special as an artistic creation. The cute little red birds are made of pure resin and hand-painted in red color. Suitable for Christmas, party, house, garden, and furniture decoration. The 2 pieces of red birds are a pair of love birds and surely fill your heart with the happiness of party vibes.

28) Enesco Stylish Trimmings Bird Figurine:~

The beautiful bird figurine from Enesco’s’ Heart of Christmas’ collection. The adorable red hat-wearing birdy is composed of stone resin and hand-painted in golden, red, and green color. The little one is sitting on the Christmas balls and creating the vibe of Christmas holiday days. Suitable for party decoration, home decoration, and garden decoration.

29) Cardinal Red Bird Figurine :~

The red cardinal bird on a snowy branch will be a great addition to your Christmas or winter decorations. The red birdy is made of poly stone resin and has crafted handmade details which makes it realistic in nature. The amazing piece of cardinal bird will definitely enhance the beauty of your room and garden in the winter days.

30) Ganz Spring Decor Bird Figurine :~

Spring season has a beautiful effect on flowers and birds. The Ganz bird figurine on a sweet pea flower will amaze your eyes with the detailing and color combinations. The flower of April sweet pea is colored in the dark violet and the beautiful chubby bird is colored in white and yellow. Both the bird figurines for home decor are made of polystone and will add the essence of spring to your home.

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Where the bird and animal figurines should be placed??

The bird and animal figurines should be placed on shelf tops, furniture tops, TV cabinet tops, tables, desks, etc. The figurines can also be placed on walls if there is a hook made. Most of the animal figurines should be hung on the walls with hooks as they are large in size.

How to choose the correct bird figurine?

Bird figurines should be chosen according to the room and the furniture. Some bird figurines are really hard and sturdy but the delicate ones should be kept in personal rooms and out of the reach of kids. They can also be chosen according to the sizes of the bird figurines.

How to decorate the living room area?

Living room areas have most of the furniture in the house like a sofa, tables, chairs, TV cabinet, shelves, and what not. The top of the furniture can be decorated with cute and small bird figurines. The tables and TV cabinet tops should be decorated with large bird figurines. The walls can be decorated with hanging bird figurines and animal sculptures.

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