Best 29 Amazing Metal Wall Decor & Metal Wall Sculptures

Decorate your blank walls with beautifully designed Metal Wall Decor decorative pieces only on LUX VILLA DESIGN. Who doesn’t want to be the own interior designer of the house?? Decorating the walls is confusing when you don’t have a proper guide about that. Let us be that for you!!! That’s why we have categorized and summed them up in one website. A beautiful home with colorful walls needs the most stunning and lavishing pieces of metal wall sculptures. As you people desire for the most amazing decorative walls, we list up the best metal wall decor only for you!! 

We have various designs and different thematic Metal Wall Art Decor pieces. The major themes are Metal Tree Wall Art, Metal Wall Decor, Metal Flower Wall art, Metal Bird Wall Art, and Metal Fish Wall Art. Different selective themes are also available here. Most of the Metal Wall Decor is designed by the most popular companies of interior designing around the World.

Our website LUX VILLA DESIGN showcases the most amazing and stunning pieces of Metal Wall Art selected with effort, time, and love. The designs we select are regular, colorful, rustic, and box collection. Don’t waste your time on the nearby shops running around all day long. Check our website and choose the best piece of Metal Wall Decor according to your inner interior designer and affordable budget. We hope you find your best Metal Wall Sculpture as a companion, suitable for your wall and your rooms!!! 

Metal Wall Decor & Metal Wall Sculptures

1 )Deco 79 Store Metal Starburst Wall Decor :~

Need something really artistic and out of the box design to decorate your walls?? The unique and magnificent piece of metal starburst Wall decor from the Deco 79 store will give you that assurance. The wavy iron metallic parts decorated with opalescent colorful shells. The circular shells are colored in grey, purple, yellow, and blue with beautiful matte shine.

2) Life Roots Large Metal Tree Wall Decor :~

Are you a lover of Mother Nature?? Are Trees and plants a part of your soul?? Then the Life Roots Tree-shaped large metal wall decor is the selection for you. Hand made with rustic steel and painted all black gives it an antique look. The design represents a connection between roots and leaves growing towards the sky giving your wall soothing peace.

3) Stratton Home Decor Tree Metal Wall Decor:~

Get the beauty of a metallic tree on your beautiful walls to decorate with love for nature. Stratton Home Decor has created a beautiful metal wall decor tree with gold and teal finishing. The piece adds shine and elegance to your wall and to your soul!!! Decorate with the beauty of nature and metallic creation.

4) Keygift Farmhouse Blue Metal Flower Wall Art:~

Bring the essence of spring in your home any time through the blue metal flower wall sculpture manufactured by Keygift. Made with a durable and lightweight metal sheet, the hand-painted blue flower is multi-layered and represents the symbol of the spring season. Blossom your happiness with this eye-catching piece of metal flower!!!

5) Dekadron 4 pieces Metal Tree Wall Art :~

A stunning, creative, and decorative black metal wall decor consisting of 4 pieces of designated leaves and branches for a large space on the wall. If the wall is widespread and has a single colored pattern then the piece is absolutely suitable for the wall. The floating artwork creates interesting shadows and 3D effects.

6)MKUN Iron Round Metal Tree Wall Decor :~

The MKUN metal tree wall decor is amazing creativity of art, made with iron and acrylic diamonds and carved with leaves, branches, and trees on the panel. The metal wall sculpture is round-shaped and the dazzling diamonds give it a classy and sparkling look overall. Suitable for home, office, and bar decor.

7) Dekadron 3 Panels Metal Tree Wall Decor :~

The metal tree wall sculpture with black powder coating which is eco-friendly and long-lasting, designated with leaves and birds on the branches gives it a rustic and classy look for your walls and rooms. Nature lover’s first choice and antique collectors’ favorite piece can decorate your wall with elegance and a 3D floating effect!!

8) Scwhousi Store Metal Owl Decor Wall Sculpture Art :~

Keep the hooting owls on the walls of your house. The sculpture of the owls is artistic and excellent rustic black color gives it a simple but classy look every time you see it. Two owls hanging on the branch hooting in love is the most precious design you can ever get. Show some love to your beloved with this metal wall sculpture.

9) Dekadron Yin Yang Metal Tree Wall Art Decor :~

The Dekadron Yin Yang metal wall decor sculpture is inspired by the Japanese jutsu design of evil and good, carved with branches of trees and roots underneath. The matte black static powder coating gives it a rustic and elegant look and the artwork behaves like a 3D floating picture. The Life of a tree is the theme of the metal wall decor, which inspired the artists.

10)BenLe Black Metal Tree Wall Decor:~

Love to decorate your house with rustic items?? The BenLe black metal wall sculpture is absolutely a fine rustic piece with tangling branches of a tree coated with black powder. The metal wall decor is an artistic masterpiece with shatterproof formula. Decorate your wall with a BenLe metal tree wall decor and become eco friendly.

11)Home Lavish Large Metal Flower Wall Decor :~

Get this stunning wire layered flower-patterned metal wall art and enhance the beauty of your walls and your home. The Trademark GLB has manufactured the product with iron metal and matte gold finish for the classy but modern look suitable for walls in every room. Show your love for nature and buy the Home Lavish metal flower art.

12)YiYa Multiple Layer Metal Flower Wall Decor :~

The YiYa metal flower wall art sculpture is a beautiful dark red multi-layered flower made with molded high-quality metal that was cut into sheets. The amazing rust free formula and color coating make the product long-lasting. The lightweight flower can be hung anywhere on the wall of the bedroom, living room, or entrance walls. The flower represents peace and beauty.

13)SHQI Multiple Layer Metal Flower Wall Art :~

The SHQI metal flower wall decors are dazzling with silver powder coating and beautiful multi-layered looks. 3 pieces set is provided with the pack to hang them any style you want. An antique and unique piece of metal flowers suitable for bedroom, living room, office, etc. The flower adds a contemporary look to the view of the room.

14)Hobby and Lobby Heart Shaped Metal Bird Wall Decor :~

Decorate your bedroom or gift your beloved this beautiful piece of Hobby and Lobby heart-shaped bird metal wall decor. The heart structure with birds is made of rustic iron and hand-painted in matte copper color. The metallic wires are twisted and shaped into a beautiful heart with birds attached to it.

15)MACWE Large Metal Flower Wall Sculpture :~

Create an ambiance inspired by nature by hanging this MACWE large metal wall art designed in a three-layered flower shape and hand-painted pink-peach color adds a natural vibe to the view. The high-quality metal sheet is rust free and curved in a 3D pattern. The creative and decorative piece will enhance the beauty of the room.

16)Zcaukya Large Parrot Metal Bird Wall Decor :~

Want some really artistic with vivid colors and designs?? The Zcaukya large metal parrot is a unique and colorful piece to enhance the decoration on your walls. The hand-painted different colors like green, red, white, blue, brown, and many more and designs are really heartwarming. Get through some Hawaiian vibes with this amazing piece of metal art decor.

17)MYJAQI Coastal Metal Fish Wall Art Decor :~

Don’t worry about the poolside, bathroom, or kid’s room decoration duties. The metallic 5 pieces of artistic hand-painted coastal fishes are the solution for that. The fishes are made up of non-rust, durable, and lightweight metal and hand-painted with different vivid colors which are UV resistant in nature. The 3D like fishes are hand-painted in blue, orange, green, yellow, and red colors.

18)GIFTME Stained Glass Metal Flower Wall Art Decor :~

Want to enjoy spring colors on the walls of your house?? Choose the Gift me metal and stained glass metal flower art piece and enjoy bright colors of spring and the essence of nature any time at home. The flowers are made up of metal glass with a sunflower design and royal blue glass center. The flowers can be customized on colors. The shining petals will give you happy vibes!!!

19)Haitian Birds Recycled Metal Bird Wall Art :~

A flock of birds flying in the sky is really fascinating to watch, so how about a flock of birds on your walls?? The Haitian Birds has made metal birds using recycled steel drums and hand-painted them with nice detailing to hung on the walls. A set of 5 birds is provided with the package and the birds emerge a 3D effect on the walls.

20)XUAIIO Ceramic 3D Flower Metal Wall Décor :~

The ceramic peony Fuschia colored handmade metal flower wall decor will glow up your room and your walls. The flower is simple and elegant in design and the vivid nature of the colors will glitter your heart. The flowers are available in different colors and the set provides 3 pieces of the flowers. Blossom your walls with these beautiful layered metal flowers.

21)AHUA Metal Flower Leaf Wall Art Sculpture :~

Having a party at the weekend?? Or you like something shiny and dazzling?? The AHUA metal flower wall art is a set of flower patterns and leaves made with iron and intricate scrollwork giving it a rustic look. The antique piece will capture most of the beautiful space of your walls and make it eye-striking for relatives and friends.

22)AHUA Metal Bird Wall Art Decor :~

As a child, we all wished for a Bird house with birds, right?? The AHUA meta wall art is designed with a blue bird house, birds and leaves to hung up the wall to complete the family of birds!!! The wall art is made of metal and wood and has a rustic, chic look. The whole piece is handmade and hand-painted. Keep birds chirping on your walls.

23)Midwest-CBK Galvanized In Branch Patina Bird Metal Wall Decor :~

Birds on the branches is a beautiful heart filling warm view for the eyes. What if they always are in front of your eyes?? The Midwest-CBK metal birds on the branch is a charming piece of wall decor made of metal, galvanized, and hand-painted in brown and silver leaves. The metal art is a small and cute sculpture to be on the walls.

24)HOGARDECK Yellow Gold Metal Flower Wall Decor :~

The Hogardeck metal flower wall art is an eye-striking piece of artistic craftsmanship. The flower is made of rugged, high-quality metal and hand-painted in buttermilk petals with yellow golden finishing with blue beads embedded on the middle designs. Let the blossoming beauty enhance the charm of your rooms, office, hotels, lobbies, etc.

25)SVEIKS Store Swallow Metal Wall Decor :~

Do you want a colorful swallow bird as a decorative piece straight from the skyline to your walls?? The SVEIKS blue and red metallic designed, shining swallow bird will be your favorite. The bird is made of durable, high-quality metal and the Wall hanging process is quite easy to get. Keep a swallow on your wall and enhance the charming ambiance.

26)Collections Etc Woodland Christmas Metal Wall Art :~

Christmas is knocking on the door and you’re definitely going to have a beautiful eve party at home. Let’s impress the guests with the beautiful Christmas thematic metal wall decor from Woodland Cabin and Deer art. Get the warm vibes of Christmas on your walls by hanging this amazing piece of wall sculpture.

27)Westcharm Branches with Birds Metal Wall Decor :~

The Westcharm birds in branches metal wall decor is a stunning rustic piece for the walls. The metal wall decor piece is made of metal and hand-painted in yellow, white, green, and rust colors. The colors are varnished for getting a long-lasting color guarantee. The graceful piece can be set up on the walls of the bedroom, living, kitchen, office anywhere you want.

28)Collections Etc Red Metal Wall Art Home, Love and Faith :~

Put up some love and blessings for everyday inspiration in the house or before you go out anywhere. The Collections Etc metallic metal wall decor written as Home, Love and Faith is unique. The shiny red color and hearts, berries, and stars designed upon the 3 pieces of writing are really charming. Let love and faith be in your life every time.

29)Dekadron Birds on Branches Metal Wall Decor :~

The Dekadron 3 pieces of metallic black wall art will look stunning on a beautiful empty wall. The decorative piece is made of durable, non-rust iron and the rustic hand-painted color adds elegance to it. Enhance the quality of interiors within your house with the Dekadron metal bird on the branches set.

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Can you give me some tips on decorating my wall?

Always decorate your room according to the size and color of the walls and budget. Decorative items should be different for different rooms. For example: in the bedroom, you can choose night lamps, picture frames, metal wall decors, window hangings, etc. 

How to decorate a huge empty wall space?

Decorate the empty blank walls with hanging metal wall decor and sculptures and paintings. The sculptures should be chosen according to the size and color of the walls.

What is your favorite unique home decor element?

My favorite unique home decor elements are the thematic metal wall sculptures with glass shine finishing and vivid colors. Stone and mirror works are preferable.

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