Amazing 30 Best Animal Sculptures For Home Decor

LUX VILLA DESIGN contains a huge and versatile collection of home decorating products including Animal sculptures of the best designs from all over the world. The collection provides the finest animal art wall sculptures and animal art metal sculptures for decoration.
Wildlife lovers and interior designers prefer animal sculptures over anything for decorating homes, offices, and walls. Animal sculptures enhance royalty and charm through the structure, design, patterns, and colors.

Animal sculptures are suitable for furniture tops, shelf tops, tables, desks, and for the walls of any room. Animal sculptures are composed of different materials like wood, metal, bronze, ceramic, clay, porcelain, etc. The designs we have showcased here are selected from world-famous companies and sculpture artists. We wonder how the immensely talented bunch of artists design and construct with that much versatility. Readers and buyers are surely gonna love the beautiful pieces of animal sculptures for home decorations.

Our website LUX VILLA DESIGN has listed the trendy and festive collections and assured the quality of home decor items. Readers are requested to check through every animal sculptures because they are categorized in material and creativity wise. Every animal sculpture for home decor has its own style. Go through every decor item and choose according to the beauty and budget of the product. Animal sculptures are surely gonna make your rooms, offices, and gardens magnificent and stunning. An important article for guiding the readers about animal sculptures for home decoration.

Metal & Wooden Animal Sculptures

1) Tooarts Metal Toucan Bird Animal Sculpture:~

Like to decorate home with bright and vivid colored Animal Sculptures?? The Tooarts Toucan bird is gorgeous in colors and structure. The standing metal bird is composed of welded and sanded anti-corrosion metal and baked painted in vivid colors like blue, green, yellow, etc. The metal animal sculpture is suitable for furniture tops, tables, desks, gardens, etc. Tropical vibes will be in your house if you own it!!!

2) NOVICA Natural Brown Wooden Elephant Animal Sculptures:~

Fan of wooden carved handcrafted items?? The realistic Novica wooden carved elephant Animal Sculptures are all you can wish for. The elephant sculpture is made of original rain tree wood and hand-painted in natural brown. The hand-carved home decor item is certified by National Geographic for quality and authenticity purposes. Suitable for placing on tables, desk, furniture, office tables, etc.

3) Kunst & Ambiente Terrier Dog Bronze Animal Sculpture:~

The Kunst and Ambiente West Highland Terrier Dog sculptures are terribly cute in nature with antique vibes because the whole sculpture is composed of high-quality German bronze. The hand-painted matte brown and black colors are responsible for its rustic and antique look. Suitable for placing on tables, desk and for office decoration. Also, grab the cute American puppy statue for gifting your adorable ones!!

4) UXMOO Green Frog Clay Animal Sculptures:~

uxmoo cute little green frog Animal Sculptures are composed of polyresin material and anti-fading green and white paint. The 3 little frog animal sculptures are posed differently and completely hand made. The sculptures can be gifted to little children, friends, relatives as the decorative pieces can be placed on furniture tops, shelf tops, desks, window sides, gardens for decorating homes and offices.

5) GoYonder Owl Decor Animal Sculpture:~

The Go Yonder Owl sculpture is a simple and classic home decor animal sculpture. The Owl is composed of polyresin and hand-painted in white with black dots all over the body. The home decor item will surely enhance the charm of your rooms and offices. The product is suitable for rooms, offices, gardens, gifts for a special one, etc.

6) Wind & Weather Meditating Rabbit Animal Sculptures:~

The Wind and Weather mediating rabbit will make your mind up for doing yoga. The high-quality cast resin made rabbit is sitting cross-legged in a lotus position. The health-conscious bunny will be a creative piece of art in the exercise room, living room, offices, etc. The yoga posing rabbit can be gifted to a yoga lover friend or relative. Suitable for furniture tops, shelf tops, tables, etc.

7) Two-Piece Loving Elephants Animal Sculpture:~

Gift your favorite person the SIGNALS elephant pair or decorate your home with the pair and spread love. The elephants are intertwined from the trunks and made with high-quality resin with a wooden finish. Make your bedroom a more beautiful place for making love or let your special person remember you more n more!!!

8) SEINHIJO Lovers Deer Animal Sculptures:~

Decorate your home with the Seinhijo lovers deer pair this Christmas and enhance the elegance of your rooms and offices. The high-quality polyresin made and silver hand-painted deer pair is surely a suitable gift for your beloved, friends, relatives for this Christmas. Grab the pair of deer and enhance the Christmas and love vibes in your room.

9) Barm Wooden Owl Animal Sculptures:~

The lovely pair of lover owls can hoot all day long. The Barm wood made handcrafted owl pair is a classic and rustic gift for your loved ones. The owls are made of designer high-quality wood,hand-painted in brown and hand-polished perfectly. The male owl is differently designed and a little large than the female. The owl set is suitable for tables, desks, windows, book shelves, etc.

10) Vintage Rustic Decorative Cat Animal Sculptures:~

Hey Yoga lovers!! Your best home buddies are here. The rustic 3 pieces of the cat will cheer you up for the yoga poses. The cats are composed of high-quality resin and hand-painted in rustic brown color. The brown color and the matte polishing make the animal sculptures rustic and antique. Suitable for the yoga room, living room, table tops, TV cabinets, etc.

11) Fiddler’s Elbow Orange Cat Animal Sculptures:~

Want some best home decor for your child which is less heavy and made with a soft material?? Then the Fiddler’s Elbow soft and chubby cotton cat sculpture will be a choice. The purely cotton made tabby orange cat with big beautiful eyes will surely be liked by your child and the little ones. Suitable for placing on tables, doorsteps, desks, reading tables, etc.

12) HAUCOZE Carved Iron Rooster Metal Animal Sculpture:~

The Haucoze iron carved morning rooster Animal Sculptures will brighten up your room with the vivid colors and patterns it has. The rooster is made of completely rust-free iron and the Chinese Ji patterns on the body. The animal sculpture is hand-painted in silver, red, and orange color, and the tail upwards expresses energy. The rooster is suitable for desktops, shelf tops, window sides, lawns, etc.

13) Eastwind Gifts Decorative Rabbit Animal Sculptures:~

The Eastwind Gifts home decorative cute and chubby bunny will melt your heart with it’s sweetest charms. The bunny is composed of polyresin and stone and colored in yellow and white color. The finest detailing of furs and the big brownish eyes are the most beautiful body parts of the bunny. Suitable for gifting a child, friends, relatives and placing on tables, desks, lawns, furniture tops etc.

14) SEINHIJO Family Sheep Animal Sculpture:~

Want something classic and dazzling decorative piece?? The Seinhijo 3 pieces of sheep family will surely be the best choice. The sheep and aries are composed of polyresin and hand-painted in silver color. The detailing of the horns and the patterns on the backs are gorgeously suitable on the sheep. The dazzling silver color will lighten up your home and offices. Suitable for placing on tables, shelves, desks, etc.

15) iPEGTOP Reindeer Decor Christmas Animal Sculptures:~

As Christmas is just on our doorsteps who wouldn’t like to start preparing for it. Enhance the Christmas holiday vibes with the ipegtop 2 pieces set of reindeer made of high-quality plastic and hand-painted in silvery glitter. The sparkle and dazzle around the table or shelf or Christmas tree will jingle your heart away. Gift this beautiful set of standing reindeers with one leg up and make your loved ones happy.

16) XH&XH Peacock Animal Sculptures:~

Peacocks have the finest colors and detailing all over the body. Like that the XH & XH 2 pieces peacock stands with a crystal ball in the middle is something else. The luxurious colors in the body, the crystal-studded tails, the continuous fountain sounds make the animal sculpture the most beautiful home decor for placing on tables, desks, office, and hotel lobbies, etc, and a great gift item obviously.

17) XH&XH Porcelain Swan Sculptures:~

Decorate your home with the lovely pair of swans by XH & XH company made of pure ceramic clay and hand-painted in grey and creamy white color. The clay animal sculptures are artistic masterpieces according to the designs they have. The sculptures are solid but light weighted in nature. Suitable for placing on tables, shelves, study desks, window sides, hearth, etc., and obviously a beautiful gift item.

18) Barm Reindeer Statue Wooden Animal Sculptures:~

The artistic sculpture of Barm reindeer will blow your mind up because of the unique designs and creativity. The deer is composed of several sturdy wooden pieces and hand-polished with perfect finishing. The animal sculpture will add elegance to your rooms, shelf tops, tables, mantels, etc. A Christmas decorative piece indeed and the finest gift for people who are attached to fine arts.

19) Rustic Arrow Colorful Cow Animal Sculpture:~

When recycled products and art combines the Rustic arrow home decor items are made. The rustic cow is composed of recycled wrought irons and hand-painted in vivid different colors like white, red, black, etc. The metal animal sculpture will surely attract people’s attention and the item can be showcased at an art exhibition. Suitable for placing on tables, desks, hearth, mantels, etc.

20) WHW Playful Elephant Bronze Animal Sculptures:~

The Whole House Worlds bronze elephant pair will melt your heart by the posture they have made. The trunks are up and forming a heart shape for spreading the love around the house. The resin cast made bronze finished sturdy sculptures are suitable for putting on tables, desks, office tables, and gifting special persons in your life. Grab the beautiful artistic home decor item and show love!!

21) Creative Green Frog Animal Sculptures:~

The Kiao Time green frog statue can surely teach you how to sit back and relax sipping coffee. The frog is sitting on a stone relaxing with a cup of coffee in hand. The creative sculpture is quite popular among the netizens. The frog is composed of pure polyresin and painted in green color with the finest details of body parts. Suitable for a work table, coffee table, office canteens, gardens, etc.

22) Gifts & Decor Cute Cows Animal Sculptures:~

The Gifts and Decor cute bovine cats are the sweetest cows you have ever seen. The 6 pieces set of cute little bovine cows are heart-melting and each has posed differently. The cows are composed of composite resin and hand-painted in white and black. Color and structure may vary as every piece is hand made with grace and affection. Suitable for decorating shelves, mantels, tables, show cases, etc.

23) Transpac Silver Metal Animal Sculptures:~

Inspired by a Chinese folk story the Transpac the stacked animal sculpture is crafted. The animals are a cow, a pig, and a hen standing upon each other according to sizes. Every animal is made of rust-free iron and hand-painted silver color which gives a rustic but classy look for decorating tables, shelves, furniture, manuals, etc.

24) Design Toscano Charles Darwin’s Ape Human-Animal Sculptures:~

Are you a fan of evolution and Darwin’s theory?? The Design Toscano ape holding a skull and sitting up on the bunch of books and thinking about how they have evolved is really creative and artistic in nature. The whole structure is finely detailed, made of stone crushed resin, and hand-painted in bronze and ivory color. Suitable on the study table, office table, shelf, etc.

25) Design Toscano Turtle Animal Sculptures:~

Some water animals and turtles are unique creations of God. The Design Toscano Garden turtle animal sculptures will surely remind you of the beauty of turtles. The turtle is composed of pure designer resin and hand-painted in different green hues for a realistic look. Put that turtle on the tables, desks, lobbies, gardens of your house and enjoy the beauty with a calm and peaceful mind.

26) Veronese Design Falcon Antique Bronze Animal Sculptures:~

The Veronese Design created an antique trestle falcon statue that will bring royalty and a classic look to your rooms. The complete sculpture is composed of cast resin bronze material and painted with dark brown color with matter polishing for an antique and rustic look. Perfect gift material for animal and bird lovers and a unique decoration item on tables, shelves, and mantels.

27) Design Tosca The Bunny Rabbits Animal Sculptures:~

Do you like little fluffy bunnies?? Then bring 3 pieces of Easter Bunny set for decorating your home and garden. The fluffy cute bunnies are composed of stone crushed resin and colored in yellow and white colors. The detailing is so perfect that you would like to kiss and adore them. Suitable for gifting little children, special people, and friends so they can decorate your gift of love.

28) Design Toscano Hear-No, See-No, Speak-No Evil Monkeys Animal Sculptures:~

Learn the three greatest life lessons from the little 3 monkeys. The Design Toscano model of hear-no-evil, see-no-evil, and speak-no evil will amaze you with the finest detailing and rustic finishing. The monkeys are composed of cast resin and have bronze color finishing. Suitable for study tables, office tables, mantels, hearths, desks, etc. A perfect gift item for a valuable lesson!!!

29) Treasure of Nature Bronze Mom & Baby Horse Animal Sculpture:~

Motherhood is the best gift from God and Nature. The Treasure of Nature mother and baby horse sculpture will definitely remind you about the precious moments. The horses are composed of cold cast bonded bronze and light-weighted resin. The sculpture has a finishing of bronze powder which makes the shine long-lasting and dazzling. Gift your mother the precious animal sculpture and send her some love!!!

30) Design Toscano Lace and Lard Madame Pig Statue :~

The cute little madame piggy will steal your heart through the looks and ornaments she wears. The Design Toscano madame piggy is composed of stone crushed resin and hand-painted in white color. The piggy is wearing a lacy tutu, a beaded necklace, a feather fascinator, and a curly black tattoo.
The French madame will surely make you adore and hug her because of the outbursting cuteness.

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How to decorate homes and offices?

Homes and offices can be decorated with different thematic sculptures like educational, animal, birds, geographical, scientific, etc. Versatile materialistic artistic home decor items are there. Offices should be decorated with mainly thematic and educational sculptures. The article above is on animal sculptures so readers can obviously get some idea through that.

How animal sculptures should be maintained?

Animal sculptures should be maintained by material wise. Like bronze and resin sculptures can be cleaned with water or chemicals. But clay, ceramic, wooden sculptures should only be cleaned with anti-dust brooms and clean clothes. No water should be used as they’re delicate in nature. The precious ones should be put in a place far away from a child’s reach.

What are the best animal sculptures for decorating a child’s room?

Children’s are the beautiful flowers in our house so we always think of the best items for their room decoration. As they do mischief sometimes we should not put something heavy or costly home decor items in their rooms. Soft cotton sculptures, resin sculptures can be placed instead of that. They will be happy and your animal sculptures will be safe from their mischiefs. Preferably cute and little animals they like the most.

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