29 Beautiful Candle Holders To Light Your Night

LUX VILLA DESIGN has created a website for the readers to fulfill the desires of having the best interior decorations for their house. The article is presented for showcasing the most beautiful and artistic pieces of candle holders for home decoration. Candle holders are an important household thing. We need candles and when there is a light out, decorating the home for the festive season, a crucial thing for worshipping in the holy church and the most important decorative asset for Christmas. When candles are put on the surface they leave a little amount of wax which becomes solid after the candle is burnt out. Trying to clean them up from the surface can harm the surface as well.

We have categorized the candle holders according to the material of which they’re made of. There are wooden candle holders, gold candle holders, vintage candle holders, black candle holders, wall candle holders, floor candle holders, etc. Choose accordingly the places where you want to put them and for which reason you want to use them. The most delicate candle holders are the glass made holders. Glass candle holders should be placed on a safe surface because they can break easily.

That’s why our website LUX VILLA DESIGN will show you the most popular and versatile candle holders popular on internet dot com. The candle holders can be placed in multiple living spaces in the house according to the preference or need. Go through the article and check out the cool pieces of candle holders for a decorative design. Decorate your home with love and care by being guided by our selected products that’s what we really want. Read the article thoroughly and find your favorite item easily!!!

Amazing candle holders

1 ) Generic Gold Metal Single Candle Holder:~

The Generic Antique Gold Metal candle holder is a hand-crafted decor piece with a unique design. The candle holder will give your living room, hallway, bedroom some elegant décor and an ambient glow. The Candle Pillar Placed inside, with its flickering light will spark your conversations. The Gold Candleholder is made from Iron with Antique Gold finish this product has a perfect charm. The gold candle holder can also be used as a showpiece without a candle and will look perfect on a center table, side table, coffee table, wall cabinet. ideal gifting option for house warming, wedding, party, etc.

2) Deco 79 Distressed Wood Candle Holders:~

The Deco 79 white wooden candle holders are elegant silhouettes from the turned wood base inspired by antique wood furniture with a textural heavily whitewashed finish with light natural brown mango wood peeking through some parts. The solid black candle plate features a spike to secure your pillar candle in place (candle not included). The set of 3 white candle holders made from natural mango wood with textural finishes. Each round base has a turned column silhouette inspired by antique furniture bases and legs and finished with distressed white paint.

3) Homefortable Wooden Candle Holders:~

The Homefortable Modern style wooden candle holders are great decor for your dining table centerpieces, kitchen countertop decorations, fireplace decorations & mantle decor. Also a great decor piece for new home gifts for housewarming gifts. Decorative vintage candle holders are perfect for your bridal shower, bachelorette party decoration, and table centerpieces. Great for your special friends as bridal shower party favors or bridesmaids gifts for weddings.

4) Just Artifacts Mercury Gold Glass Candle Holders:~

The warmth of the holiday season is here!!! The Mercury Glass Votive Candle Holders, each glass candle holder is embellished with an elegant antique finish perfect for Christmas gatherings. These floor candle holders will decor up any winter festival with a cheer that lasts the whole season through. Safety precautions we recommend that you use a LED tealight candle with the votive. However, regular wax tealight candles can be used with candle holders.

5) Vincidern Crystal Golden Candle Holders:~

Each Vincidern crystal candle holder is made of selected high-quality octagonal crystals beads, well crafted, and very shiny. They are perfect for wedding centerpieces, elegant parties, home decor, and more. The high-quality metal materials are used throughout from the wires to bases, very sturdy, and just the right weight. And through many technological processes to strengthen the property of anti-corrosion and rust prevention and beneath it, there is a soft black mat to protect your table.

6) AGLARY Rectangular Wooden Candle Holder:~

The Aglary candle tray is made of natural wood which is sturdy and light in nature. This is perfect for display LED candles, or decorative tables in your home. With the wooden candle holder tray with the metal handle, you can move it conveniently. You can add the metal handle or not accordingly, we provide screwdrivers and nails.

7) SUNFACE Resin Candle Holders:~

The resin made an imported great set of black candle holders with three pieces. The candle holders are great for the remembrance of the special occasion. The 100% handmade antique candle holder with sophisticated craftsmanship, presenting a unique look.

8) Juegoal Reindeer Tealight Candle Holders:~

The Juegoal reindeer candle holders are very sturdy and hold up well over the years. They are really nice for holiday decoration at outdoor and indoor use, adds a special delight to your decorations on Christmas or as a nice accent to your every holiday, regular tea light fit perfectly. Place these lovely Reindeer Tea Light Candle Holders in places you’d like to decorate, such as tables, chairs, furniture, corners, etc., to give your watch a great holiday glow, or use candlesticks in the mantle or fireplace for holiday decorations to add a Christmas vibe.

9) The Smtyle Candelabra Gold Candle Holders:~

The beautiful candelabra metal candle holders are charming and will surely enlighten your home and rooms when you place it. The three-piece candle holders are composed of sturdy, and non-rust iron and the holder is painted in matte gold colour for a sparkling look. The gold candle holders are a delicate one for your bedroom, living room for having a romantic dinner and can be used as a present to the dear ones.

10) SUJUN Black Taper Candle Holders:~

The SUJUN matte black taper candle holders are something which will add elegance and uniqueness to your home decorations. Famous artists have created the black vintage candle holders with rustproof iron and painted in matte black for a rustic and antique look. Lighten up your beautiful corners of the house for a charming decoration.

11) SUNFACE Candle Holders For Home Decor:~

The Sunface pillar candle holders are great for the remembrance of the special occasion. The 100% handmade with resin and sophisticated craftsmanship. The vintage candle holders are composed of American Country style. Place these charming candle holders in places you’d like to decorate, such as tabletops, chairs, furniture, corners, etc.

12) Deco 79 Wood Candelabra Votive Candle Holders:~

The candelabra Deco 79 candle holders are precious home decor items. The candle holders are composed of high-quality wood and metal for giving a sturdy and solid look. The holders have shiny and glossy wooden polish for a dazzling look. The candle holders are five in number and suitable for decorating tabletop, desktop, shelf, temple, Church etc.

13) Deco 79 Metal Candelabra Candle Holder:~

The Deco 79 stylish candle holders are elegant and charming in nature. The candle holders are made of high-quality metal and painted in matte bronze essence. The texture and colour create a stylish yet vintage vibe which can be used for retro decorations. The vintage candle holders are suitable for decorating tables, desks, rooms, offices, lobbies, balconies etc.

14) Generic Gold and Copper Colored Candle holders:~

The Generic unique candle holders are beautifully textured in gold and copper essence. The metallic four candle holders are composed of talented artists and have eye-striking features. The candle holders have an aluminium base, and the golden colour has a sparkling glow. The little candle holders are precious for decorating homes and offices.

15) CALOREDUCE Black Metal Reindeer Candle Holders:~

The modern adorable Caloreduce reindeer black candle holders are perfect for holidays indoor or outdoor Christmas decorations, adds a special winter delight to your decorations. Festive, classy, and a nice accent for the Christmas table decor. The main selection of electroplating quality metal materials, a metal electroplating process is suitable for your home life, simple and graceful. The gold thick glass candle holder protects it from overheating or cracking.

16) Hestia Metal Black and Gold Candle Holder:~

Inspired by the tree of life design, the beautiful Hestianblack and gold candle holder set will become your favorite home decoration for your living room or dinner table whether inside or out. Let your creativity wander in your house!! You can combine them with a rustic farmhouse coffee table or use it as a centerpiece with flowers to create an inviting and modern interior. The sky’s the limit when it comes to home decoration. You can use wax or led tealights or even candlesticks in the stylish candle holders thanks to their 3 generous sizes.

17) Vincidern Crystal Candle Holders:~

Each Vincidern silver crystal candle holder is made of selected high-quality octagonal crystals beads, well crafted, and very dazzling. They are perfect for wedding centerpieces, elegant parties, home decor, and more. The high-quality metal materials are used throughout from the wires to bases, very sturdy, and just the right weight. Gone through many technological processes to strengthen the property of anti-corrosion and rust prevention and beneath it, there is a soft black mat to protect the tabletop.

18) ChasBete Romantic Dinner Date Candle Holders:~

The Adorable Heart-Shaped individual tea light candle holders are unity to create cute heart decor. The small wooden candle holder set is crafted with solid wood, carefully designed, long-lasting quality, and home safety. There are two different wooden candle holders to ensure the size. The cute tea light candle holders can not only be a holder but also be an elegant artwork in home decoration.

19) Marbrasse Votive Vintage Candle Holders:~

The Marbese creatively designed vintage candle holder, depicting a bird on the heart-shaped Iron frame represents love, the bird represents freedom, and the collision spark between love and freedom. The candle holder will be more beautiful to light in the dark. Artistically crafted from durable iron with fine craftsmanship. Suitable for table decoration, bathroom decoration, coffee shop decoration, but also a living room, balcony, patio, porch, and garden excellent decoration. looks absolutely gorgeous!

20) Ashley Ocean Votive Candle Holders:~

The Ashley Ocean vintage candle holder has an amazing combination of Buddha statue glass candle holder and a solid wooden holder. The handmade wooden holder with grooves. Exquisite workmanship represents a unique look. The high-quality Buddha statue, tea light glass holder paint with flowers and birds, Solid wood holder, and exquisite packaging makes a perfect gift.

21) Marbrasse Vintage Candle Holders With Iron Votive Bird:~

The Marbrasse creatively designed vintage candle holder, depicting a bird and nest on the tree branch is artistically crafted from durable iron with fine craftsmanship. The metal candle holder creates a soothing peaceful ambiance in your home or office. Excellent shelf, mantel, or table decor item. Can be a lovely and heartwarming gift idea for any occasion, best Christmas gift.

22) COTTON CRAFT Wooden Pillar White Gold Candle Holder:~

The Cotton Craft distressed antique pillar candle holders can bring a romantic ambience to your room when you light up the candles!! The wooden made candle holders with white and gold colours are dazzling but a unique look. The colour combination is the most important beauty asset of the candle holders. Decorate your rooms, balconies, kitchen rooms with this golden candle holder.

23) Huasemy Large Rose Gold Candle Holder Set:~

The Huasemy set of 2 metal 3D Geometric candle holders, unique appearance creates a romantic and elegant ambiance. The Huasemy tea light holders are made of premium metal materials with color plated finish, exquisite, beautiful, perfect for home decor, housewarming gift, etc. The Metal Tea light Candle Holder is constructed in modern geometric design, with triangles connected together in a cut-out, 6 sided hexagon shape, beautiful and elegant, create a romantic atmosphere, add charm and beauty for your home, office, ornament your Living room, wedding, party, holidays events party, etc.

24) Marie Décor Blacksmith Handmade Menorah Candle Holder:~

Marie Décor Hanukkah Menorah candle holder is a beautifully handcrafted Menorah, created by an expert blacksmith, upgrades tradition with its modern artistic design and lights up your table with joy. The beautiful handcrafted metal black candle holders are sold separately.
This can be a great gift for the holidays and a wonderful Jewish gift.

25) ALIWINER Store Seahorse Candle Holders:~

If there was an ocean style candle holder, this would be it! Add beach style to your home with the Seahorse floor candle holder. This ornate candlestick with antique gold will make a fantastic feature in your dining area, lounge, or bedroom. The metal candle holder will surely give your home elegance and sophistication to any interior space. The candle holder has a solid resin construction which offers durable, long-lasting use. Display on a table, shelf, mantle, or window sill.

26) Nuptio Wooden Candle Lanterns Hanging Candle Holder:~

The Nupito floor candle is made of wood and iron material, perfect for durable and long-lasting use. The wooden candle holder consists of a loop on the top that is easy to carry, allowing you to hang them on the tree or hook. You can also put the rustic lantern on the yard, pathway, patio, porch, etc. The wall candle holder will be an attractive home decoration for weddings, parties, Halloween, and Christmas. Great for the tabletop, shelf, mantle, indoor or outdoor use.

27) Baimai Alluminum Candle Decorative Holder Set:~

The Baimai mango wood candle holder with Aluminium is specially designed for easy and convenient use with style and suitable to add to your home with its luxurious wooden holder and tray. With the wooden sophisticated tray and set of elephant aluminum combinations, our candle holder is unique in terms of pattern and design. Nothing gives your space the finest luxury like this breathtakingly beautiful three-leaf candle holder. Perfect gifts for all your loved ones or your friends.

28) NEW Zodiac Antique Silver candleholder:~

This beautiful AzureGreen chime candle holder is created in the form of a raised platform, depicting on its sides the many signs of the zodiac and a repeating pattern of stars at its top, ringing the center where the candle would rest. The metal candle with a grey silver paint holder creates a wonderful, decorative piece for your altar and home, perfect for hosting the warm glow of a chime candle.

29) Dawhud Natural Candle Holders, Rocks, and Tray:~

The Dawhud Direct elegant candleHolder set will look great in any room with its rich earth tones. The set includes 3 adorned glass votive holders on a wooden plate with stones. The vintage candle holder set will surely light up your room with different colorful vibes. The candle holders are suitable for floor, tabletop, shelf, mantle, for Indoor or outdoor use.

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What are the benefits of candle holders?

Candles are such an enlightening decor item for our living spaces. Candles can be placed anywhere in our house but the wax melts on the floor and ruins the surface. Candle holders are a one-stop solution for this problem. The colorful decorative candle holders also decorate the house. Lighten and brighten up your house with the beautiful candle holders.

How to maintain the decorative candle holders?

Some candle holders like wooden, metallic, glass holders are really hectic to maintain. But we have safe and easy solutions for you. Wash the candle holders with mild cleansers with a sponge and after that clean with a clean, soft cloth. Now your candle holder is all wax-free and ready to use again.

How can you decorate your house with candle holders and candles?

The decorative candles can be placed on tabletops, shelves, mantels, floors. They can be hanged from balconies, window sides, entrances, trees, and branches. The candle holders can be used for holding candles on festive decorations like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Firework day, Independence Day, Diwali, etc.

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