21 Affordable Floating TV Stand To Make Your Home Awesome

Our website LUX VILLA DESIGN is pleased to guide our valuable readers about the best floating TV stand. We believe to provide you the best floating TV stand because the stands can give your living room a stunning look and can be used in multiple jobs. Having a stylish and trendy floating TV stand is a sign of an organized and fashion-loving personality. The floating TV stand is important because your beautiful TV is going to be all set on there and can save your space in the living area making your living room look beautifully decorated.

The selected floating TV stands are suitable for small spaces and for small corner spaces of a room. The floating TV stands are composed of versatile materials like pure wood, pure metal, temper glass, normal glass, and the designs are eye-catching and trendy. The floating TV stands can be multi purposely used for living rooms, bedrooms, restaurants, cafes, hotels, canteens, etc. Most used floating TV stands have oval or rectangular shapes. The stands are manufactured by famous companies from across the globe. The cleaning and maintenance of the floating TV stands are easy. Most of the stands are uniquely designed and modern.

A request to the readers to go through the whole article for checking every item carefully. The floating TV stands are surely gonna make you people impressed. From low budget to high budget, normal design to fancy or classic design, versatile TV stands are available on our website. Choose according to your selection, budget, and design for picking up a beautiful stand of your choice. May you people find the best TV stands for your living space and get endless

Amazing Modern Floating TV Stand

1 ) PERLESMITH Floating Wall Mounted TV Stand:~

The Perlesmith black floating TV stand is composed of strong and sturdy tempered glass, which is suitable for being attached in concrete, wooden, brick walls. The wall-mounted tv stand can be useful in many ways like keeping DVD, Set-top Box, Dish box, Blue-ray, remotes, game panels, TV up to a limited weight, etc. Grab the multifunctional floating tv stand to make your living room, bedroom, media room, game room organized and better.

2) TriGold Floating Wooden TV Stand:~

The Trigold floating wooden tv stand is water-resistant, fire-proof, anti-abrasion in nature, and easy to clean. No toxic ingredients are mixed up and are formaldehyde-free. The floating tv console compliments a wall mounted tv space. Special design creates a bold”floating shelf”illusion while saving valuable floor space. The stand has a double-layered design, keeping your stuff neatly organized, make living space more beautiful!!

3) Martin Furniture Floating Wall Mounted TV Stand:~

The martin furniture black floating tv stand has a laminated finish on the surfaces with black finished supports, asymmetrical design with black accents creates a bold “floating shelf” illusion while saving valuable floor space. The stand holds 1 audio/video component and a soundbar on the top shelf to complement a wall-mounted television and comes with mounting hardware for standard wood stud wall installation.

4) Swivel Floor Floating TV Stand:~

The Swivel corner floating tv stand has a comfortable viewing angle no matter where you sit without moving the TV stand and needn’t drill your beautiful wall. Works well in corners and the huge storage function makes a tidy entertaining space. The heavy-duty temper glass made stand has a safety design like the safety wire, safety screws, legs with nonslip pads will protect your TV from not falling.

5) Convenience Concepts White TV Stand:~

The Convenience Concepts of trendy and modern floating tv stand has multiple uses. The metal-made tv stand with white hues is suitable for holding tv boxes, DVDs, CD players, remotes, CDs, dish boxes, satellite boxes, etc., and manage the categories of your media items because the tv stand is divided into two parts. The two spaces can be individually used for keeping things.

6) WALI STORE Transparent TV Stand:~

The Wali Store modern TV stand is an elegant floating shelf and with an adjustable height, free up floor space, and enhance the look of your entertainment system. The large strengthened tempered glass shelf pulls on the weights of the large tv very easily. This is the quality wall mount solution for holding DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games Consoles, Hi-Fi and Surround Speakers, etc.

7) Modway Render Walnut Modern Floating TV Stand:~

The Modway Render modern floating tv stand has mid-century aesthetics with the Render TV Stand. Render features a durable particleboard frame with smooth walnut grain laminate, four tapered wood legs, full-extension center drawer with shelf on top, non-marking foam foot pads, and opposite side adjustable shelves with dual slatted sliding doors for sophisticated media storage.

8) FITUEYES Swivel Universal TV Stand:~

The FITUEYES black floating TV stand will be a great space saver if you have a small room or love to be organized anytime. The floating tv stand comes with a universal height adjuster for adjusting your TV’s height according to your preferences. The tv stand also has a wire fixing space where all the TV wires can be hidden to make your room neat and clean. Suitable for corners, small rooms, small living areas.

9) Modway Wooden Mid-Century TV Stand:~

The Modway modern floating TV stand comprises pure, high quality, solid wood with a walnut grain texture and color. The tv stand has four legs for lifting heavyweights. The beautiful polished wooden surface is charming and can be a gorgeous decor item for your contemporary house. The TV stand is suitable for keeping media items, dish boxes, remotes, audio boxes, etc. There is a hole for the TV cable, and there are two drawers for keeping more important things there.

10) TechOrbits Glass Floating Tv Stand:~

The TechOrbits glass floating stand may look light but its strength lies in its ability to lift a limited weight with the combined brake, heat, and scratch resistance that only tempered glass can give. The elegant black tint blends well with all interiors. The steel bracket is the foundation underneath the glass shelf that gives it its floating appearance because it’s wall-mounted. The black floating tv stand delivers safe and secure support for your home entertainment system or audio equipment.

11) WALI TV Flat Panel Floating Tv Stand:~

The Wali Tv floating stand has a modern and scientific design that can keep your media items safe and durable for many years. The tv stand has vented slots from where the TV and TV boxes’ heat can be dissipated. The metal made floating tv stand has a soft fabric and rubber material that the media boxes, sound boxes, remotes, gaming consoles can’t slip away from there. The product is top-rated for design and structure.

12) WALI Floating Tempered Glass TV Stand:~

The WALI Store floating TV stand is composed of durable tempered glass, which is suitable for keeping media items like DVD, Set-top Box, Dish box, Blue-ray, remotes, game panels, TV up to a limited weight, etc. Choose the multipurpose floating tv stand to make your media room, and gaming room organized and better. The tempered glass floating tv stand will modernize your rooms and your tv.

13) TAVR Swivel Tabletop Floating TV Stand:~

The TAVR modern floating tv stand has few scientific technologies like the TV stand can be rotated around thirty degrees on both sides because there is a swivel attached to it. The Floating TV stand is made of tempered glass and connected with a heavy-duty metal pole for sturdiness and safety. Suitable for organizing TV and media items for a neat and clean wire-free room.

14) Sunon Store Wall Mounted Floating TV Stand:~

The Sunon Store Wall mounted floating tv stand doesn’t take much space and is designed with 4 grommets for better cable management. The modern floating TV stand will manage your floor space clear by storing TV equipment on this modern media console floating TV stand. The stand not only stores a variety of stuff but also enhances your room decor as well. A trendy functional shelf as well as a great decoration to your bedroom, living room, media room, office.

15) Floating Wall Mount Floating TV Shelf:~

The Perlesmith wall mount floating TV shelf is compatible with wood and concrete walls. The adjustable floating shelf feature ensures that your unit is mounted at the perfect height. Our wall mounted shelf is built with one large strengthened tempered glass shelf, designed for DVD/Blu-Ray Players, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games Consoles, Hi-Fi and Surround Sound Speakers.

16) HQleshui Black Aluminum Floating TV Stand:~

The HQleshui aluminum alloy TV stand is composed of exquisite workmanship, anti-corrosion, and wear resistance aluminum. The wall-mounted design, compact, and light-weight saves important space in your rooms. The hollow design helps the device to dissipate heat better. The black TV stand has a quick and easy installation with mounted accessories. These stands are suitable for TV accessories, WiFi Router TV Box, Set Top Box, and other TV accessories.

17) 5Rcom Floating TV Floor Stand:~

The 5Rcom corner floating tv stand has few modern technologies like the TV stand can be rotated around thirty degrees on both sides because there is a VESA swivel attached to it. The Floating TV stand is made of thick and durable tempered glass attached with a heavy-duty metal pole for strength and safety. Suitable for organizing TVs like plasma, LED, LCD, OLED, QLED, and media items for a tagged wire cable-free room.

18) Walker Edison Modern Floating TV Stand:~

The Walker Edison TV stand will be suitable for TVs, audio boxes, gaming consoles, tv dish boxes, remotes, etc. The TV stand enhances the house’s contemporary look because the TV stand is made of high-quality MDF. The farmhouse designed TV stand has two adjustable barn door style cabinets which can be slid from the middle to the corners. The wooden TV stand is heavy, reliable, and sturdy for placing in the living room, office, restaurant, etc.

19) Hemudu Universal Floating TV Stand:~

The Hemudu modern floating swivel tv stand with mount is made from heavy-duty steel and high quality tempered glass, besides it is suitable for most international brands of TV. The unique swivel feature allows you to watch TV at any seat in the house. The corner floating TV stand can swivel up to 100 degrees which helps you choose the perfect seating position.

20) Domadeco Floating TV Stand:~

The Domadeco modern floating TV stand wall unit is composed of high gloss MDF fronts. There is a soft closing door system for a more comfortable experience. The high gloss fronts with matt body make it look charming and this is available in different color variations. The modern TV stand comes with doors and high storage capacity. The minimalist design with clean lines is there for easy cleaning.

21) FITUEYES Universal Floating TV Stand:~

The FITUEYES floating TV stand will be a friendly, helpful, organized TV shelf for your living room, bedroom, kitchen room, office, gaming room, media room, etc. The floating TV stand is constructed of thick black glass, which can be attached to the wall. The shelf is a simple but essential asset to organize the AV components, wires, and cables of the TV and the elements.

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What are the uses of a floating TV stand?

A floating TV stand can offer you more storage space and can be more practical in design. Choose an attractive table design with drawers or cupboards that will enhance the beautiful look of the room, while giving you space for DVDs, video games, and controllers. A modern stand with multiple shelves will also conceal any cables, and act as an extra shelf for your surround sound system, console, or set-top box.

What are the differences between a Floor TV stand and a Floating TV stand?

The floor TV stand design is quickly becoming the most popular, especially for those who are looking for a less obtrusive setup, conserving space, and providing an open visual element. Usually, a central frame holds several shelves and often provides a mounting bracket for the television itself.
The floating TV stand design is a wall-mounted unit that allows for completely open floor space and a clean, unobtrusive look. These contain shelving and, often, cord concealment. TVs can be stood on top, or wall-mounted themselves above the floating stand.

What are the advantages of a Floating TV stand?

1) Floating TV stands create space which is one of the biggest benefits of floating TV stands. In fact, they are designed to consume as little space as possible.
2) Floating corner TV stand, can spare more space than with traditional stands.
3) Floating TV stand keeps a safe distance from the heat, which naturally necessary, you can keep it durable and out of danger.

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